Intercom-petence has many facesIntercom-petence has many facesIntercom-petence has many facesIntercom-petence has many faces

Intercom Innovation: It’s in Our Genes

Adopting cutting-edge technologies and further developing them to the limit in order to ensure ultimate help, security and convenience for our customers: that has always been our driving passion since Commend’s founding over thirty years ago.

The result are innovations that literally have to be heard and seen to be believed: Intercom via web connections (IoIP®, short for "Intercom over IP") or OpenDuplex® connections today are accepted industry standards the world over. The latest and greatest innovation step so far has been the leap forward to generation Intercom 2.0.

Quality makes the sound

Specially developed high-performance technology is an essential trademark of every Commend solution. This is necessary simply because off-the-shelf components simply won’t do when building solutions that personal security and even lives depend on. With every single component being subject to rigorous quality tests, it is obvious that at Commend it is the quality that makes the sound.

Market diversity meets
individual solutions

Radio call from the crane operator’s cabin? Emergency communication with the paramedic team? Point-to-point call to the other side of the world? Thanks to their modular structure, Intercom 2.0 components combine to meet virtually any Intercom need – general, regional or individual – with solutions of any size.

Intercom service with excellent connections

As a core function in today’s business and industry, Intercom warrants careful planning. To allow you to play all your Intercom connections for your benefit, our services cover everything from initial consultation and planning to project management, installation and after-sales support, including a comprehensive range of technical services.

Inside Commend solutions there
beats a green heart

Economic efficiency needs vision. "Evergreen Engineering" ensures that new systems are not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but allows them to interface seamlessly with existing components across many product generations.