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Let's develop together!

The Commend Academy is our company's central, international contact point in all matters of personal and professional qualifications and competence. It is the place where successful  careers at Commend take off and develop. In this sense, the Commend Academy acts as mediator, promoter and mentor along the career path at Commend, offering support in the following principal areas:

Passion meets Profession

For technical reasons and because of our extra-high quality standards, Commend solutions are never off-the-shelf, "one-size-fits-all" solutions. Instead, they are carefully compiled from modular high-quality components to meet the individual, very specific needs and wants of our customers. It takes creative minds to develop solutions based on these prerequisites – professionals who are used to exploring alternatives to the usual standard approaches.

Since the foundation of Commend over thirty years ago, this commitment has allowed an exceptional corporate culture to flourish, which demands a lot from employees, but also provides exceptional employee benefits and development opportunities. Maintaining and sustaining this corporate culture is a particularly valuable and rewarding task of the Commend Academy. Team spirit, health, activity and personal development are the main focus of the Academy's effort to support Commend's passionate professionals.