Cooperation with Educational Facilities & Project Partnerships

Innovation, research and development have always been one of Commend's main driving forces.As a result, the exchange of knowledge and experience at Commend extends far beyond the limits of the firm itself. Co-operations with universities and other educational and research institutions are valuable for both sides and help to build and cultivate connections within the global research and development community.

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Internships at Commend

As a business, we see it as our responsibility to support the next generation of professionals by offering internships in various areas of our industry. At the same time we appreciate the opportunity to win new employees from among our interns to help us meet our interesting technical and market challenges.
We regularly offer various programs within the international network of Commend partners. These range from trial and summer internships to internship positions for university and college students.

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Supervision of research papers and theses

As we all know, the best stories are taken from real life. It's clear, then that the most useful research is driven by experience and documented by students with direct access to the practical environment of their topic. Commend routinely supports their efforts by providing technical supervision and issuing calls for theses and project-specific research papers.

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