• Intercom for EX Zones
    Now with full party line capability!
    Now with full party line capability!
ComWIN 3.0 Web Client – Act quickly and flexibly ‒ any time, anywhere

Prioritising and immediately forwarding calls, keeping a watchful eye on video cameras, responding to requests and opening barrier gates without delay ‒ wherever communication is of the essence, perfect management is a must. And that is precisely what the new ComWIN Web Client is designed to put at your fingertips at any Intercom station.


Without the need to install any additional software, you can use your Commend Intercom terminal with the added benefit of a well-structured visualisation surface.


You can view your Intercom system details in the form of neatly structured lists, make use of integrated video for perfect communication, and control external systems such as doors or gates with the ease of a mouse click or a simple tap of your finger.


Fault Tolerant Intercom Performance

Guarantees you a safe landing for your message, even if a server breaks down

  • Seamless integration in IT-environments
  • Fault-tolerance possible due to very low resource requirements
  • Easy recovery
  • Easy monitoring with VM-Tools

The world’s first Software Intercom Server


Intercom Touch. Getting in touch the convenient way.

Technology makes a difference. At least in this case. This is because Intercom Touch makes your visitors feel instantly welcome.

The clean, intuitive user interface makes things easy for them. Well-structured directory listings let them find who they are looking for in no time at all. A simple tap of the finger opens the connection, optionally with video to add an extra personal touch. Also, displayed maps help them find their destination with ultimate ease. Easily and conveniently. Commend. 


The EX 200 Series: EXcellent Intercom quality for EX Zones

Where things can get explosive, Commend’s ATEX certified EX 200 Intercom stations stay cool, providing their superior, noise suppressing 16 kHz voice connections with proven push-button simplicity, no matter what. Best of all, they enable up to five easy-to-use party line connections. All internal components are safely cast encapsulated and heat contained, so they pose no risk of igniting, whether in highly explosive atmospheres or at high temperatures. Water, dust or weather influences are no problem either, thanks to the terminals’ IP 66 rating.


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Commend Products

Requirements met with perfection.

Commend provides communication with a system: solutions designed and manufactured with people and the environment in mind. The Commend product portfolio covers every Intercom need, from simple point-to-point intercom systems to complex integrated solutions. Commend's building-block design concept ensures that all of the various security systems like CCTV, Access Control, Mobile Radio etc. combine to form a single, easy-to-use-and-manage platform.

Intercom Stations for various applications

Intercom Terminals

Commend manufactures Intercom terminals for every application and environment – including, for example, stations with anti-bacteri surfaces for hospitals, vandal-resistant help points for subway stations, and vigorously robust units with explosion-proof certification for the petrochemical industry.

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Control Desk Systems for every requirement

Intercom Control Systems

"Everything under control!" Commend Control Desk solutions powered by ComWIN visualisation software demonstrate that it is possible to manage even complex Intercom, video and networked control functions easily with a well-designed, easy-to-operate user interface.

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Hardware and Software Intercom Server

Intercom Server

Commend Intercom Servers are the brains of it all. They could be described as a multi-talented interfacing geniuses. In addition to subscriber cards for intercom stations, they support a wide spectrum of interface cards including but not limited to voice messaging, announcements and recording, alarm monitoring and notification, external control tasks and countless integration capabilities to other third party systems

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Speech. Images. Data.

Information that enhances security.

This includes the networking of visual and audible information. Commend has developed a digital system platform that meets the highest security and communication requirements – with a uniform operating interface, interactive, modular and adaptive.

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