IP Intercom Server IS 300

The new IP Intercom Server IS 300. Concentrated power.

Intercom 2.0 by Commend has raised professional secure communication to a whole new level of quality and reliability. The latest-generation Commend Intercom Server IS 300 leverages newest Intercom over IP (IoIP®) technology to provide the full range of Intercom 2.0 benefits in a stylish, space-saving and maintenance-free design.

The new Intercom Server IS 300 can be operated both as a stand-alone unit and as part of larger Intercom network environments. It is designed to meet the requirements of small to medium sized applications in all markets as well as installation sites with limited space conditions. Its vibration-proof design helps the Intercom Server to stay cool and functional even in locations where ambient vibrations are a common occurrence (e.g. mass transit terminals, heavy industrial environments, etc.).

Small package, great benefits.

  • Stylish, space-saving and maintenance-free design
  • Up to 64 fully-featured IP-based subscribers
  • Vibration resistance in accordance with
    IEC Standard 61373
  • Three easy installation options: rack, desk and wallmount
  • Green IT with extra-low power consumption


IS 300 unites the performance of a fully-featured Intercom 2.0 Server with the benefits of a smart, size-optimised product design. Whether as a desktop unit, a wallmount device or installed in a 19” rack – IS 300 delivers proven Commend Intercom performance wherever it is needed.


Availability and security are non-negotiable when personal wellbeing and even lives are at stake. This is why IS 300 comes in a wholly new design that eliminates movable and wearing parts as possible failure sources. The result is a significantly higher performance and availability profile of the overall system.


Heavy-traffic environments or industrial locations: when things get shaking, the vibration-proof solid-state design of IS 300 in accordance with IEC Standard 61373 ensures unshakable functionality even under the roughest of ambient conditions.

Environmentally friendly

Ecologically focussed engineering on Commend’s high quality level was a key driving force in the development of IS 300. The result is a powerful multi-purpose Intercom Server with resource optimised technology that has one of the industry’s lowest power consumption profiles. IS 300 is proof of Commend’s commitment to the motto that high Intercom performance and sustainability are no contradiction in terms.


With the power of Intercom over IP (IoIP®) inside, IS 300 enables implementations from 2-subscriber installations to 30,000 multi-server networks. Combined with support for any Intercom technology and a scalable licensing model, IS 300 provides a solution package for any Intercom need.