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In the medical sector, seconds can be decisive in terms of life and death, especially in emergency rooms and operating theatres. Commend's security and communication solution for medical environments meets the strictest directives and regulations within this sector. It provides direct multi-site communication across facility complexes, e.g. to laboratories, blood banks, hospital pharmacies, wards and quarantine areas. What is more, they also support all necessary functions for efficient door access control, e.g. for maternity wards, nurseries etc. Personal safety and public assistance requirements are satisfied by Intercom stations for lifts and Public Address, as well as solutions for car parks and Intercom equipped parking spaces, which provide instant access to assistance in case of problems at pay-on-foot machines and vehicle barriers.

  • Disinfectant-resistant Intercom stations for treatment rooms and operating theatres, in accordance with EU Directive EN 60601-1
  • Access control at security areas such as intensive care units, maternity wards and nurseries
  • Internal operational and ward communication in combination with nurse call systems
  • Integration of mobile radio systems for hands-free communication between rescue services and emergency rooms
  • Audio Monitoring – Acoustic monitoring with adjustable automatic call triggering (e.g. voice activated calls or automated alarms triggered by medical equipment)
  • Public Address and emergency voice announcements
  • Alarms for medical emergencies and other events
  • Local and Main Control Rooms

In healthcare, professional, decisive and careful action is key. It is these qualities that Intercom 2.0 with its range of solutions is designed to support. The MEDICAL INTERCOM solution concept is designed to suit the needs of hospitals and clinics of any size, as well as those of nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and doctors’ surgeries. Integrating multiple locations and ambulance RF communication is not a problem either. All components allow for intelligent networking, with full support of analogue as well as digital and IP technologies.

Helps you help – reliably

When emergency teams fight to save human lives every day, while ambulance and nursing teams struggle against time and costs, the demands on communication are particularly high. MEDICAL INTERCOM by Commend fulfils the most demanding requirements and makes life easier for medical personnel, helping them to save lives while keeping a grip on costs.

Intercom to suit any need

MEDICAL INTERCOM enables department or application specific individual solutions as well as fully networked overall solutions for hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, and doctors’ surgeries. Perfect communication for the benefit of the patient. 

Human closeness

With Intercom 2.0, MEDICAL INTERCOM offers optimum communi­cation support at any terminal. Crystal clear 16 kHz audio quality and full video integration provide a sense of security, especially in exceptional situations.

Technical standards

For healthcare environments requiring high-level patient safety, MEDICAL INTERCOM offers terminals that are specifically designed to meet the highest technical requirements in accordance with EU Directive EN 60601-1-2.

Cutting-edge technology

Whether analogue, digital or IP-based – Intercom 2.0 connections are always effective and fully tailored to the requirements of their appli­cational environment. Use of the latest technologies guarantees future-proof communication solutions.

Meeting strictest hygiene standards

The disinfectable Intercom stations for sterile environments are easy to control via a foot switch to help doctors keep their hands free in the emergency room. This ensures optimal voice communication and helps to save lives in critical situations.

Seamless communication

Patients, visitors, doctors and nursing staff – MEDICAL INTERCOM connects all people who use medical facilities.

Ultimate operational reliability

Commend’s dedicated Intercom operating system and a special IoIP® protocol ensure ultimate fail safety. MEDICAL INTERCOM is THE re­liable communication platform.


MEDICAL INTERCOM stands for fast communication lines, smooth pro­cesses and no need to ask again because of a bad connection. The focus is always on the patient.

Prepared for emergencies

Direct transmission of paramedics’ RF communication to Intercom 2.0 terminals provides a much needed informational advantage. This way, MEDICAL INTERCOM helps to save lives.

Security throughout

MEDICAL INTERCOM integrates door and gate communication and control, including automated video transmission. This ensures that only authorised persons can access secure areas. Also, integrated emergency call stations and info terminals give patients the reassurance that they are in safe hands.

A safe investment

As times change, so do requirements. MEDICAL INTERCOM grows with them. Existing systems with all their features and functions integrate easily and smoothly with system extensions. Commend’s 'Evergreen' philosophy ensures both sustainability and investment protection.

University Hospital Center Zagreb
University Hospital Center Zagreb

University Hospital Center Zagreb

Hospitals require professional and high quality internal communications solutions. The system provides clear communication, without fault. It is a base of reliability and secure communication. The system ensures the quick, independent speech and security communication for the entire hospital. KBC Zagreb has set high demands for the rationalization of work, increased efficiency of medical staff, and also more safety for patient.

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Customer Voices

The in-house networking of the Commend system with our other communication systems and the Security Management System (SMS) makes things a lot easier for the user. Custom programming allows us to to provide a fast, tailored implementation of individual user requirements. We are more than happy with this system.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Roland Greimelmaier
Head of the security control centre at the Clinical Centre Klagenfurt


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