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Sadly, there is also an increasing need for security communication at schools. Providing the means to protect students and staff from possible attacks by violent students and outside perpetrators is now considered standard procedure, as is the protection of personal property both during and after school hours. Schools must be safe, under everyday conditions as well as in an emergency.

  • Public Address and Announcements
  • Intercom stations for classrooms, hallways, offices and
    other areas on the school premises
  • Silent Alarms
  • Audio Monitoring and automated Intruder Detection
  • Control of evacuation procedures
  • Mobile Phone Detection
  • Intercom stations with access control capabilities for doors, gates and barriers
  • Inter-school networking to a central Control Room

Adding value through added value

In a school environment, unusual situations may develop quickly at any time. Even normal day-to-day school life has enough surprising and challenging situations in store. Commend's value adding protection and security systems with Intercom 2.0 for schools can help to achieve significant improvement in everyday communication and cases of emergency that demand instant attention. The size and scope of these solutions can easily be adapted to the school's individual requirements. The following examples illustrate how these systems help to master various school day situations.

School is supposed to be a safe place

The requirements are extremely demanding

In Germany, a serious security incident with the potential to escalate is reported on average once every two weeks, and there are 454 accident reports as a result of violent action in schools, according to current insurance statistics. Admittedly, these are only numbers. But they are a forceful reminder of what is at issue: school life in Germany implies some very real dangers.

Pupils, teachers and parents need the reassurance that everyone can focus happily on their learning and teaching in a carefree environment without having to worry about the potential dangers.

Combined solutions: in a class of their own

With its solutions for school environments, Commend provides the all-essential extra versatility and choice of options to meet all requirements. In addition to efficient duress alarm and support of short reaction times in case of security threats, they provide a comprehensive package of features and built-in system intelligence. This way, schools can take advantage of a combined system that proves its worth in everyday school life as well as in exceptional situations. Typically, this includes supporting, optimising and speeding up communication processes, for example. Not only will this help to make everyday school life easier and more efficient, it will also promote the ready acceptance as well as competent, time saving control of the system under emergency conditions.

Special features

  • Ready to deal effectively with security threats, thanks to combined power of integrated security systems
  • Various alarm options
  • Comprehensive, fast and unique alarm identification, thanks to instant, direct voice communication
  • Targeted room audio monitoring in case of alarms
  • Automated conference call switching in case of emergencies
  • Alerting of external security and rescue services through automated call forwarding
  • Digital audio memory for pre-recorded audio messages or polyphonic call signals

General features

  • Flexible solutions also for small to medium sized facilities
  • Secure, hands-free voice communication in crystal clear 16 kHz audio quality
  • Intercom Video – adding a picture to the voice
  • Voice announcements from any call stations to all areas on school premises
  • Direct voice connections between all terminals
  • Conference calls also supported in normal operating mode
  • Innovative single-site and multi-site networking concepts
  • Communication via IP data networks
  • Stylish Wallmount Stations and functional Desktop Stations
  • Compact IP 65 rated housing construction
  • Highly vandalism resistant housing, IK 08 and
    IK 09 rated (as per EN 62262)

Integrated Intercom 2.0 system components

  • Normal calls and emergency calls
  • Alarms
  • Public Address
  • Access control
  • Building Intercom
  • Control desks and control rooms
  • Integrated security equipment
  • Integrated communication equipment
  • Integrated building management equipment
  • Digital networking
HTBLuVA Higher Federal Institute for Educating
HTBLuVA Salzburg

Case Study - HTBLuVA Salzburg

The Higher Technical Institute for Educating and Experimenting (HTBLuVA) in Salzburg, Austria was named most innovative school in the federal province of Salzburg at the 2011 Jugend Innovativ (Creative Youth) Contest. So it comes as no surprise that the school also takes the lead as some of Austria’s first educational institutions to provide barrier free access for the handicapped.

Open Case Study

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