Made-to-Measure Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

The requirements imposed on security and communication solutions for the Oil and Gas industry are as extreme as the environmental conditions under which they are expected to function. The entire system is constantly monitored and tested for possible failure from end-to-end. Redundancy adds another layer of essential protection. However configuring a solution that fits you best is a breeze. From compact drilling rigs to vast pipeline networks, our products and integration possibilities fulfill these requirements and adapt perfectly to your operational needs.


  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Drilling rigs and production platforms
  • Pipelines
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Oil sands

Products that withstand harsh environments and fulfill regulations

Commend stations are engineered to work reliably in any environment. As a result, they deliver crystal clear speech quality that stands out even against deafening ambient noise, whether near loud machinery or in places from loading bays to drilling rigs and production platforms.

Stations for Industry and Infrastructure

  • Sturdy enclosure with double-walled design that withstands extreme stress
  • Protected against water, dust and dirt, as per IP 66
  • Resistant against chemicals and harsh climate influence
  • 25-Watt amplifier for noisy environments
  • Modular front panel can be customised to meet any application requirement
  • More than just communication ‒ Commend products also provide I/Os for control, monitoring and automation purposes
  • 2-wire connections enable long cable distances and low installation costs
  • Devices can also be IP networked
  • Camera Module for keeping an extra watchful eye on things
  • Support for add-on extensions, such as handset, beacon, etc.


Wide Product Range to build the overall solution you need

From stations, modules and amplifiers to comprehensive control desk systems with multi-site networking capabilities.

Discover our whole Product Range

Stations for Ex Zones

  • Certified in accordance with highest Explosion Hazard Group and Temperature
  • Class 25-Watt amplifier for noisy environments
  • 2-wire connections enable long cable distances and low installation costs
  • Emergency operating mode using power supply via Intercom Server
  • Stations for multi-party lines, including direct dialling buttons or full keypad
  • Many possible combinations – with built-in or detached loudspeakers – with or without handset



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