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Emergency calls... sirens... flashlights... when ambulances, fire brigades and police are involved, it's all about saving people’s lives or protecting property. With the help of the customised communication platform for rescue forces, even large-scale rescue operations can be managed in a clearly structured, coordinated manner. Commend supports the emergency teams to coordinate their rescue missions with optimum efficiency at every stage, from the first alarm to “Fire out!”.

  • Excellent speech quality to ensure clearly audible, efficient communication via the Control Room
  • Fast deployment of rescue and security forces, thanks to pre-programmed scenarios available at the push of a button
  • Integration of TETRA, selective call radio and telephones
  • Flexible call transfers that make sure no emergency call is ever lost
  • Public Address and alarms
  • Communication solutions for custody suites and holding cells
  • Evidential recording and documenting
  • Main Control Rooms
Division Secours et Incendie (DSI) Lausanne

Division Secours et Incendie (DSI) Lausanne

After 18 years of continuous service since its installation, the Commend GE 501 system at DSI Lausanne was ready for an upgrade of the Intercom and PA equipment.
Besides handling the routine tasks of a communication service within the rescue service base, the system also had to support call management for building doors and gates. At the same time, the system had to support automated callout and mobilisation announcements to optimise the workflow in case of emergencies.

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