Prisons and Detention Centres

Security & Emergency

Detention facilities demand highly reliable, continuously monitored communication paths that must be available around the clock. The Commend security and communication solution is adapted to everyday prison life and provides added value in terms of security in all areas under surveillance. Voice and video communication between cells, corridors, doors, gates, airlocks and barriers on the one side, and Main Control Rooms and Section Monitoring stations on the other needs to be of the highest quality and constantly monitored. This ensures ultimate protection and security for both officers and people in custody.

  • Vandal resistant detention cell stations with single-button and multi-button layouts
  • Multi-functional detention cell terminals with support of in-cell music feeds and telephony
  • In-cell music channels with deprivation facility
  • Intercom stations with integrated video camera for airlocks, doors and gates
  • Remote cell door locking and officer-in-cell duress alarms
  • Mobile Radio Detection
  • Public Address and emergency voice announcements
  • Communication solution for visiting rooms
  • Evidential recording and documenting
  • Clearly structured graphic user interface for Control Rooms, including integration of inmates’ database

Security through Communication

Modern correctional services rely crucially on seamless, round-the-clock surveillance and communication. The PRISON INTERCOM concept addresses this need by providing full support to wardens, visitors and inmates while ensuring ultimate security and control. It brings together all the various applications arising in the prison environment on a single platform to allow for smooth, efficient co-operation.

Multi-functional cell communication

In addition to voice transmission, the PRISON INTERCOM Cell Intercom terminals also provide essential alarm, control and reporting functions. Special detection modules for mobile phones help prevent illegal activities, and the terminal can also be used to switch all the cell's electrical equipment from the control station. Time-scheduled activation, surface sensors and audio monitoring ensure reliable security. The surface sensing feature helps protect guards whilst in the cell. In critical situations the guard only needs to touch the front plate to activate the guard alert.

Clearly-structured control stations

Flexible control room concepts support prison section monitoring. A central control station with a graphic user interface provides a well-structured overview of the surveillance information. Video streams and data (e.g. from an inmate database) can easily be integrated to facilitate daily routine procedures.

Latest IP technology

Secure IP networking ensures smooth communication and control. It offers flexible options for interfacing with various technologies such as mobile telecommunication (UMTS, Blackberry, etc), which reduces overall installation requirements quite significantly. The IP solution also supports both analogue and digital cabling.

Ultimate reliability

All PRISON INTERCOM components are developed and manufactured in accordance with Commend’s high quality standards to ensure reliability and stability of the overall system. Special redundancyultimate concepts guarantee 100 per cent availability.

Comprehensive system concept

PRISON INTERCOM not only provides an innovative solution for prison cell communication, it also offers comprehensive options for secure communication for wardens and visitors. This includes support of integrated announcements, alarms and emergency communication.

Efficient networking

PRISON INTERCOM’s main strengths lie in its ability to meet a wide range of technical and organisational requirements. This way, PRISON INTERCOM ensures smooth procedures, security, communication efficiency and profitability.


PRISON INTERCOM has been developed around people and their need for ergonomic efficiency. This applies not just to the general usability of the individual components, but also to issues such as planning, installation, maintenance and extension of systems.

Safe investment

Times change, and so do demands and requirements. PRISON INTERCOM grows with them. Use of the latest compatibility and licensing models allow for step-by-step system extensions and easy feature upgrades. The basic concept has been designed with sustainability and longevity in mind.

Customer Voices

Commend had already proved its worth in 2004 during the refurbishment of the sick ward. During the current upgrade to the new Commend in-cell Intercom stations, the firm has again proven itself to be a competent, reliable partner.

Major Derler
Administrative Director at
Graz-Karlau Correctional Facility


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