More and more people are crowding our towns and cities, and their need to feel safe is growing daily. Commend communication and security solutions for town and city centres bridge the gap between the public and security personnel. Highly efficient voice, video and control links maintain a reliable connection between on-street Information and Emergency Call Stations and the Control Desk.

  • Information and Emergency Call Stations for public areas
  • Special Intercom stations for mobility, sight or hearing impaired people
  • Special Help Point Columns with integrated rescue equipment (e.g. fire extinguisher or defibrillator)
  • Clean, well organised operator interfaces to support
  • Control Room operations
  • Intercom station design can be customised to meet planning requirements
  • Integration of CCTV (video surveillance) and Public Address
  • Control of access management equipment such as on-street barriers and bollards
  • Options for both cable-based and wireless integration of Intercom stations
  • Bus and tram stop communications
  • Scalable systems for flexible adjustment to individual budget requirements

Maintaining peace and order in public places.

Cities are growing and masses of people are walking our streets and squares. TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM is the answer to people‘s growing security needs wherever anonymity is a problem. Easy-to-spot self explanatory Intercom call points connected to a central control station or sentry post offer passers-by instant ­assistance. The Intercom ­terminals also double as information points for those unfamiliar with the location, providing an instant connection to central service facilities such as tourism offices.

Intuitive use

The straightforward, information focussed design of the terminal ensures high public acceptance. Crystal clear 16 kHz audio quality  and full video support allows users to talk naturally and comfortably and gives them a sense of safety and reassurance, especially in emergency situations.

Durable variety

TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM meets the high demands of public institutions with its optimised terminals: they are weather resistant, hard-wearing and vandal resistant to withstand tough of conditions.

Visible individuality

With TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM, the dreams and wishes of city planners and architects can be enhanced to grow into striking, original designs.

Clearly-structured control stations

To ensure instant assistance, optimum control and support for the locations being monitored, TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM offers flexible, versatile control station concepts, from simple command intercom stations to graphic user interfaces with integrated CCTV and information display capabilities.

Intercom video

Instead of simply delivering silent images, TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM enables operators to establish a direct call connection on demand to intervene or make an announcement. Additionally live video of the face behind the central control station, can be seen on the help point.

Ultimate reliability

All TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM components are developed and manufactured in accordance with high quality standards to ensure ultimate reliability and stability of the overall system. Special redundancy concepts guarantee 99,998 % availability.

Efficient networking

The solution supports a variety of networking concepts. Terminals can be connected via analogue/digital/IP, telephone lines and even by way of wireless mobile technologies. Individual areas or city districts can be consolidated and monitored from a regional control station.


With TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM, people come first. Ultimate ergonomic efficiency is a must, not just in terms of usability, but also where planning, installation, maintenance and system extensions are concerned.

Proven solutions

Every day TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM is proving to be a success all over the world – wherever individuals require help, information or assistance.

Safe investment

Times change, and so do demands and requirements. TOWN CENTRE INTERCOM grows with them. Our “Evergreen Philosophy” easily integrates system extensions with existing systems and all their features and functions. That’s investment protection made by Commend.

Glasgow City Council
Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council

Glasgow’s substantial array of cinemas, pubs and restaurants is legendary and provides a big draw for the 3 million tourists that visit the former European “Capital of Culture” each year. Representing a large part of the city’s economy, Glasgow City Council recently embarked on a project to provide this important sector with a safer environment for both visitors and locals alike. The answer was found in the establishment of ”Nite Zone”, a partnership project whose aim is to ensure public safety during the city centre’s peak night time activity.

Open Case Study

Customer Voices

The project‘s success is underlined with quantifiable figures showing a 40 per cent drop in serious anti-social behaviour in the city centre. This means less incidents for the police to deal with, and likewise, the prosecution service hasn’t had to process these offences either – saving resources and time.

We are already using the flexible Commend Intercom system and Help Points network to form the basis of additional services in the city centre, such as an automated evacuation procedure. This uses live and recorded messages, distributed through the Intercom network to advise the public of evacuation procedures, and provides an additional highly beneficial feature within the flexible Commend technology we have invested in.

Since the successful completion of our project, several other UK city councils have also decided to implement the “Nite Zone” concept as a basis for their own services. We also intend to look into ways of extending the solution package even further

Walter Kean

Glasgow City Council

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