Car parking facilities are (almost) everywhere, from on-street parking bays and open-air lots to multi-storey parking garages and fully automated car parks. They can be public or private, in building basements or at shopping malls. What they all need in order to function efficiently and generate revenue is good communications between a Kiosk or Control Room and the parking customers. Commend has been specialising in Car Parking Communication systems for over 20 years

  • Audio/Video Intercom stations for vehicle entry and exit gates, pay-on-foot machines and attended pay points
  • Emergency Call Stations for lifts, stairways and parking levels
  • Monitoring and control of external systems, e.g. carbon monoxyde alarm, ventilation and lighting
  • Public Address, background music, promotional and information announcements
  • Barrier control from Control Room or attended pay point
  • Display of equipment status information – e.g. coin box almost empty, running out of ticket stock, etc.
  • Control Desk solutions for easy, ergonomic administration of all parking facilities
  • Statistical analyses – Details on control centre performance (SLA), time distribution of calls (for optimum staff planning), etc.
  • Recording of audio/video calls received at the Control Desk
  • Multi-site networking with individual call forwarding

Customer services around the clock

Users encountering problems when entering/exiting a car park or finding themselves in an emergency situation require immediate assistance. With Parking Intercom Commend has developed a platform for communication and security, that focusses on the people and their requirements. This way you can provide your customers with 24-hour availability, quick support and convenience for smooth workflows.

On-site support

Customers in car parks and garages who are facing challanging situations receive individual and reassuring support in crystal clear speech quality at the press of a button.

More security

With its outstanding Intercom 2.0 video technology PARKING INTERCOM highly integrates audio and video making it easier for your operators to respond to all kinds of situations.

Clever integration

Simple system configurations let you define the actions to be triggered by individual events. This way, it is possible to issue automatic warning announcements and have all alarms forwarded to Intercom terminals or mobile phones – all with a single command.

Ease of use

PARKING INTERCOM offers a uniform, well-designed user interface: ergonomic command Intercoms and an interactive, graphic PC control station for the control room, complete with a wide range of Intercom terminals for any parking environment. Intuitive interaction ensures a high level of user acceptance for the overall system.

Latest IP technology

Secure IP networking ensures smooth communication and control. It offers flexible options of interfacing with various technologies such as mobile telecommunication (UMTS, Blackberry, etc), which reduces overall installation requirements quite significantly. The solution supports both analogue and ‘classic’ digital wiring.

Member of Parking Network

Universal solutions

PARKING INTERCOM interfaces easily and smoothly with any type of security and communication system, e.g. for access control, fire and CO alarms, CCTV, lift emergency calls, etc.

Efficient networking

PARKING INTERCOM’s main strengths lie in its ability to meet a wide range of technical and organisational requirements. Everything can be monitored and controlled from the central operator workstation. As a result, PARKING INTERCOM ensures smooth procedures, security, communication efficiency and profitability.


With PARKING INTERCOM, people come first. Ergonomic efficiency is a must, not just in terms of usability, but also where planning, installation, maintenance and system extensions are concerned.

Ultimate reliability

PARKING INTERCOM components are developed and manufactured in accordance with high quality standards to ensure ultimate reliability and stability of the overall system. Special redundancy concepts guarantee 100 per cent availability.

Safe investment

Times change, and so do demands and requirements. PARKING INTERCOM evolves with them. Our ‘Evergreen Philosophy’ easily integrates system extensions with existing systems and all their features and functions. That’s how Commend protects your investments.

National Car Parks Ltd.
National Car Parks Ltd.

National Car Parks Ltd.

Founded in 1931, National Car Parks Ltd. (NCP) has been a leading car park provider in Great Britain virtually ever since. NCP Ltd. operates more than 800 car parks including ten of the UK‘s busiest airports – totalling more than 52,000 spaces.

Intercom technology by Commend is used extensively throughout NCP‘s car parks. This includes Help Points, Intercom in car park barriers, Intercom in pay-on-foot machines, Intercom at exits and entries, Lift Intercom and Remote barrier control.

Open Case Study

Customer Voices

Integration and Parking for Vienna International Airport (VIE) “We’re very happy with the Commend system and the resulting improvements here at Vienna International Airport. We’re particularly pleased with the clear structure and the visualisation of all processes, which allows us to react instantly and appropriately to situations of any type. The system is very easy to handle, which also kept our training effort very low. Overall, our work has become much easier, thanks to the integrated Reporter feature and the almost 100% availability of the system.

Manager of Integration and Parking for Vienna International Airport


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