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Toll booths are becoming increasingly automated and unmanned. If the barrier fails to rise, drivers need to be able to summon assistance without delay. Roadside Emergency Help Points are a common and expected sight along our highways. Distances are great and network solutions therefore essential. Commend provides voice and video connections between the Control Room and the public, giving the operator a comprehensive overview of the situation and full control over the system’s functionalities. Commend’s proven vandal resistant Intercom Stations are specifically designed to handle both the extremely high roadside noise levels and extreme weather conditions.

  • Behind-panel Intercom modules with excellent 16 kHz speech quality that integrate easily into toll collection machines
  • Vandal resistant Information and Emergency Call Stations for roadside installation
  • CCTV Integration with manual and automatic camera switching
  • High operational security through line monitoring and loudspeaker/microphone surveillance of Intercom stations
  • Networking of all toll road entry and exit points
  • Full management and control from local toll booths and remote Main Control Rooms

Keeping traffic on the move.

Toll Station Intercom by Commend is a communication and security platform focusing on people and their requirements. In case of technical faults or at problems with the payment process, motorists at automated and unmanned lanes are connected with the central control desk at the press of a button and receive personal assistance quickly. A key benefit for the operator is a central display for consistent surveillance of the entire toll network.

On-site support

TOLL STATION INTERCOM provides instant verbal assistance to toll booth customers, ensuring problems are dealt with quickly and coherently.

More security

Incorporation of integrated cameras into the TOLL STATION INTERCOM gives added security to both the motorist and the control desk.

Clever integration

TOLL STATION INTERCOM with its flexible integration and simple configuration of video, mobile radio, telephones or other external systems is perfectly attuned to the workflows of road operators.

Ease of use

TOLL STATION INTERCOM offers a uniform, well-designed user interface: ergonomic command Intercoms and an interactive, graphic PC control station for the control room. There are a wide range of Intercom terminals suitable for the Toll Station environment.

Latest IP technology

Secure IP networking ensures smooth communication and control. It offers flexible options of interfacing with various technologies such as mobile telecommunication (UMTS, Blackberry, etc), which reduces overall installation requirements quite significantly. The solution supports both analogue and ‘classic’ digital wiring.

Universal solutions

TOLL STATION INTERCOM interfaces easily and smoothly with any type of security and communication system. All integrated facilities can provide cost-efficient support around the clock. Everything can be monitored and controlled from the central operator workstation.

Efficient networking

TOLL STATION INTERCOM‘s main strengths lie in its ability to meet a wide range of technical and organisational requirements. As a result, it ensures smooth procedures, flexible use of staff, security, communication efficiency and profitability.


With TOLL STATION INTERCOM, people come first. Ergonomic efficiency is a must, not just in terms of usability, but also where planning, installation, maintenance and system extensions are concerned.

Ultimate reliability

TOLL STATION INTERCOM components are developed and manufactured in accordance with high quality standards to ensure ultimate reliability and stability of the overall system. Special redundancy concepts guarantee 100 per cent availability.

Safe investment

Times change, and so do demands and requirements. TOLL STATION INTERCOM grows with them. Our ‘Evergreen Philosophy’ easily integrates system extensions with existing systems and all their features and functions. That‘s how Commend protects your investments.

Milano Serravalle Milano Tangenziali
Milano Serravalle - Milano Tangenziali S.p.A.

Milano Serravalle - Milano Tangenziali S.p.A.

The Intercom system by Commend was chosen primarily to satisfy the operator’s security needs. For this purpose, they wanted a fast and easy-to-operate communication system to help them manage emergency situations and service announcements as part of their everyday operations.

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Customer Voices

Commend Intercom systems are the essential tool we use to manage the great amount of communication we have every day. Thanks to their extreme reliability and flexibility, these systems are able to meet our ever-changing operational needs: for these reasons Commend is a secure investment in the future for us.

Giuseppe Modica
Electric Department Manager of
Milano Serravalle - Milano Tangenziali S.p.A.


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