Roadside breakdowns and accidents in tunnels are a source of great danger. Also, the environment is heavily exposed to high levels of noise, dust and moisture. Help Points cannot always be installed behind soundproof doors. Water seepage and frequently used tunnel washing equipment means everything has to be water resistant. Integration of voice, video, alarm monitoring and control functions are essential to enable the Control Room operator to manage the situation in and around the tunnel efficiently. Communication to and from drivers, control of lighting, ventilation and traffic lights, signals and barriers are all apart of Commend’s Tunnel system applications.

  • Emergency Call Stations with excellent 16 kHz speech quality and perfect audibility, even in case of high ambient noise levels
  • Vandal and weather resistant Intercom stations, waterproof against tunnel washing equipment
  • Announcements from Control Room to Drivers’ car radios via local FM radio channel
  • Efficient information and hazard management, Public Address option and coordination of rescue forces through integration of tunnel and private mobile radio networks
  • Carbon monoxide and other poisonous gas alarms
  • Local and Main Control Desks

Keeping cool in every situation

With TUNNEL INTERCOM Commend has developed a reliable platform for emergency communication and security. When needed, motorists are connected to the central control desk by pushing a button and are provided with direct personal assistance. One central control desk, networking of numerous locations and simple integration of external systems provide operators with consistent surveillance of individual tunnel segments as well as control in emergency situations.

On-site support

Automobile break-down, accidents or traffic jams in tunnels require quick intervention. With TUNNEL INTERCOM a simple press of a button is sufficient to connect the person in need with the central control desk and vice versa.

More security

With the outstanding Commend Intercom 2.0 technology road operators and motorists can depend on maximum security in all kinds of situations. Rugged emergency stations with highly integrated audio and video guarantee optimal speech quality and intelligibility at the press of a button, even in environments with adverse acoustic conditions.

Ease of use

TUNNEL INTERCOM is perfectly attuned to the workflows of road operators: the monitoring and control plat­form with one central workspace guarantees a clear over­view. It provides the operator with consistent surveillance of the entire system and a direct connection to central control for motorists.

Latest IP technology

Secure IP networking ensures smooth communication and control. It offers flexible options for interfacing with various technologies (e.g. mobile telecommunication (UMTS, Blackberry, etc.)), which reduces overall installation requirements quite significantly. The solution supports both analogue and ‘classic’ digital wiring.

Universal solutions

TUNNEL INTERCOM interfaces easily and smoothly with any type of security and communication system, e.g. for video, control technology, alarm systems, CO-alarms, traffic light systems or licence plate recognition. Everything can be monitored and controlled from the central operator workstation.

Efficient networking

TUNNEL INTERCOM’s main strengths lie in its ability to meet a wide range of technical and organisational requirements. As a result, TUNNEL INTERCOM ensures smooth procedures, security, communication efficiency and profitability.


With TUNNEL INTERCOM, people come first. Ergonomic efficiency is a must, not just in terms of usability, but also where planning, installation, maintenance and system extensions are concerned.

Ultimate reliability

TUNNEL INTERCOM components are developed and manufactured in accordance with high quality standards to ensure ultimate reliability and stability of the overall system. Special redundancy concepts guarantee 100 per cent availability.

Safe investment

Times change, and so do demands and requirements. TUNNEL INTERCOM grows with them. Our ‘Evergreen Philosophy’ easily integrates system extensions with existing systems and all their features and functions. That’s how Commend protects your investments.

CLEM 7 Tunnel Brisbane

Case Study - CLEM 7 Tunnel Brisbane

The North-South Bypass Tunnel, known more recently as the CLEM7, after the Former Lord Mayor Clem Jones, is a 6.8km highway with 4.7km of tunnel under the Brisbane River greatly reducing the traffic congestion from the Brisbane CBD out toward the South East freeway, and other arterial routes.

Tunnel Henndorf
Road tunnel in Henndorf am Wallersee (Austria)

Road tunnel in Henndorf am Wallersee (Austria)

The main requirement for the Emergency Intercom solution at Tunnel Henndorf was to provide highly reliable, round-the-clock emergency call connections for people needing assistance. The requirements for the implementation of the solution were very demanding throughout and required all devices installed in the tunnel to comply with prescribed project directives (RVS 09.02.22) and material norms (1.4571). Additional challenges included the integration of an a Public Address (PA) system, mobile radio for emergency services, and ISDN telephone interfaces.

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