Health Care Environments

In hospitals, trauma wards and health care environments.


Intercom 2.0 Solution

Uniform, consistent and co-ordinated communication between medical staff, administrators and caregivers

Fully integrated Intercom
Consolidates various communication channels on a single control desk for co-ordinated switching/patching, transfer etc.
Various telecom technologies supported: mobile phones, desktop and wall-mounted call stations, RF communication systems (paramedics/police/rescue forces), etc.
Complemented by built-in video support and integration of public address systems.

Stringent hygiene and safety requirements

Full standards/regulations compliance
Full support of applicable IP standards and EN directives for equipment in medical and healthcare environments, e.g., water and dust proofness, hygienic and antiseptic qualities.

Building management

Fully integrated building management
Centralised control of interlinked facility equipment (lifts, alarms, security doors, etc.); integrated staff/visitor access control and parking.