Loudspeaker/Microphone Monitoring

To guarantee the permanent functionality of an Intercom terminal it is not enough to monitor just the connection from the Intercom Server to the terminal.

Moreover a continuous check of the “audio path” of the Intercom Terminal and its components (loudspeaker, microphone etc.) must be carried out.

Loudspeaker / Microphone Monitoring is a feature provided by the Commend Intercom Terminals, which puts out an audio signal via the Intercom terminals loudspeaker which is immediately “heard” and analysed by the microphone. The DSP in the station then compares the received signal to the original signal sent out via the loudspeaker. If either of the components is impaired (e.g. chewing gum on microphone, loudspeaker wet or damaged), the DSP recognizes the defect and sends a message to the control desk. The control desk can then send maintenance to check and repair the station.