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Compatible with Mitel Systems


Opening up many new possibilities

SIP Intercom Stations by Commend maintain connections to important areas, from entrances and vehicle gates to warehouses and adjoining buildings. Their durable, stylish design makes them suitable for any application environment.

We are constantly enhancing our SIP stations through further development and the addition of new, powerful functions. As a result, you can load local telephone directories, set up call chains, implement server redundancy and take advantage of lots of other useful features. We are also constantly expanding the various control options that can be carried out during calls.

However, it is still the acoustic dimension where the Commend SIP Intercom Station really comes into its own. In addition to its high audio quality, the station features a built-in memory for up to 60 seconds of pre-recorded messages. This can be used e.g. to provide reassurance or information messages at the local call point, supply automated acoustic location details to a receiving station, or simply to play custom ring tone.

  • Easy to integrate into IP networks or IP telephone systems
  • Fast and cost efficient installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Built-in memory for up to 60 seconds of pre-recorded messages
  • Well tested, e.g. in combination with SIP Servers of important manufacturers
  • Easy to integrate into the product world of Commend's Intercom 2.0 range

Clear voice signals, economical and secure

Outstanding audio quality, reliable function monitoring, as well as mechanical and manufacturing quality are key factors of Commend‘s product development policy.

During the development of the SIP Series, a particular focus was also put on operational economy. For call stations that are required to be available around the clock every single day of the year, this is a factor that is easily noticeable not only economically, but ecologically as well.

  • Higher sound volume than common SIP stations, thanks to Class ‚D‘ amplifier and two specially designed loudspeakers built into each device
  • Active suppression of background noise ensures ultimate intelligibility
  • Microphone and loudspeakers are individually adjustable on each station
  • Call stations require only half the power of compareable devices