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Right now we have no vacant jobs

Nevertheless we are looking forward to receiving your application: thanks to our rapid growth new tasks for new staff develop on a regular base. Please send us your application and tell us, in which fields you gained experiences in the past and in which fields you would like to take over responsibilities in the future.


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  • What we are looking for:

    Tech-savvy lateral thinkers. Enthusiastic individualists. Those who swim against the current.

    For technical and quality reasons, we don't provide standard solutions. The requirements of our customers are too specific for this.

    That's precisely why we are looking for exceptional people, who think "outside the box". People who develop solutions under these conditions require creativity and courage to identify solutions by deviating from standard procedures. Based on this principle, an exceptional corporate culture has developed since the company was established, which demands a lot of its employees, but promotes them by way of attractive and exceptional measures. 

  • What we offer:

    Interesting tasks. Exciting challenges. A modern working environment.

    We provide our employees with prospects and challenges, and lay the foundation for further development and create an atmosphere that is fun to work in. The positions and the tasks are attractive. We work in small teams with flat hierarchies. Our corporate culture is ambitious, open and friendly. Our working environment is modern, comfortable and pleasant. And English is our second language.