Intercom solutions for town centre

Town Centres

Help Points – Emergency Call – Talking Cameras – Bollard Control

Security & Emergency

More and more people are crowding our towns and cities, and their need to feel safe is growing daily. Commend communication and security solutions for town and city centres bridge the gap between the public and security personnel. Highly efficient voice, video and control links maintain a reliable connection between on-street Information and Emergency Call Stations and the Control Desk.

Applications and key benefits

Out easy-to-spot self-explanatory Emergency Call terminals allow passers-by in need of help

  • Instant assistance by way of a central control station or sentry post;
  • Access to information for those unfamiliar with the location, for example, by instant connection to a tourist information desk.
  • Integration of video management systems with automatic video connection
  • Remote camera zoom/pan/tilt control via Control Station
  • “Talking cameras” – video cameras used in combination with loudspeakers and Intercom stations – enable instant, direct addressing of bystanders.
  • Easy-to-use Control Desk Intercom Stations
  • Graphic user interfaces with integration of video/CCTV and data links
  • Emergency call forwarding to security services, police or local authorities

The Commend system allows for easy integration and control of devices such as barrier gates and bollards. This enables a controlled direction of traffic flows and controlled access to specific areas for authorised persons.

  • Solutions for Town Centres
  • Tailored Intercom Stations for Town Centres

    Tailored Intercom Stations for Town Centres
    • Thanks to the use of modules, Information and Emergency Call Stations can be customised and produced in accordance with city planners’ design requirements.
  • Help Points for Town Centres

    Information and Emergency Call Stations
    Help Points for Town Centres
    • Resistant against weather and vandalism, designed to handle challenging outdoor conditions
    • Wide range of Intercom station versions available (with video camera, monitor support, etc.)
    • Special DDA/ADA compliant Intercom stations as per Equal Opportunities for the Disabled Principle for people with visual or hearing impairments
    • Automated voice messages (e.g., reassurance messages)
    • Stylish system columns holding emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers or defibrillators, with access provided via Control Centre
  • Call Forwarding and Integration Support for Mobile Radio

    Call Forwarding and Integration Support for Mobile Radio

    Call forwarding to telephone (mobile / landline) and integration of mobile radio (TETRA and analogue) for communication with emergency services.

  • Integrated System

    Integrated System

    Interfaces / Input – Output control
    • Interfaces to third-party systems, such as video surveillance
    • Integration of radio technology for communication with employees or fire-fighting forces
    • Control of output signals – e. g. barriers
  • Easy Control Desk Management

    Overview – Surveillance – Control
    Easy Control Desk Management

    Commend Control Desk solutions make it easy to get a situational overview of inner city locations, communicate with bystanders and provide help where necessary

    • Integrated video surveillance with automatic CCTV/Video activation
    • Automated voice announcements (e.g. reassurance messages)
    • Control of barriers and bollards
  • Control of Barriers and Bollards

    Control of Barriers and Bollards
    • Modules for installation in bollards and barrier gates
    • Intercom Stations for installation at vehicular entry gates
    • Access can be granted remotely from the Control Centre at the touch of a button; barriers/bollards can be controlled via modules.
  • Networking

    Districts, towns and cities can easily be networked and served via a central Control Centre.

  • Superior speech intelligibility in town centres

    High volume – Background noise suppression – Intelligent Volume Control (IVC) – OpenDuplex® and 16 kHz eHD Voice Audio Bandwidth

  • Permanent Availability through System Self-Monitoring

    Permanent Availability through System Self-Monitoring

    Every call is guaranteed to get through – 24/7
    • Built-in automatic functionality check within the stations (loudspeaker/microphone-monitoring)
    • Connection monitoring
    • Redundant server fail-safety and dynamic call forwarding
    • Reduced costs thanks to low inspection requirements
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Case Studies and References Town Centre

  • Melbourne, Australia – Emergency call solution
  • Bern, Switzerland – Bollards control and communication
  • Le Cannet, France – Emergency Call & Talking Camera solution
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom – Emergency call and evacuation solution
  • Lwiw, Ukraine – Bollards control and communication
  • Middlesbrough, United Kingdom – Talking Cameras
  • Subway and metro stations around the world (e.g., London Underground)