Transport & Infrastructure

Help at the push of a button


No matter where people go, they expect to be able to summon assistance quickly and easily. On motorways, bridges, in tunnels and trains, at airports, railway stations, bus stops... just about everywhere, Help Points for assistance or emergency are taken for granted and have to be made available. Commend provides high-quality audio/video Information and Emergency Call Stations for public and Control Room equipment for the appropriate Authorities' control centres. Commend Control Desk systems enable security staff to quickly assess the situation, communicate with all the relevant emergency services and get the right help to those in need – fast!

Security and Communication

for Airports, Car Parking, Subways, Railways, Buses, Cable Cars, Highways, Toll Stations, Tunnels, Ports and Waterways

Planning – Installation – Support

Commend is all about end-to-end experiences. From the stations to worldwide communication networks. From the first steps of planning to the after sales support. Products and Service – to last a lifetime.

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