High Availability

Ultimate reliability

through self-monitoring, redundant systems

In critical situations, every second – and every word – counts. Commend systems are designed specifically to ensure that every single call gets through, no matter what. Always, without exception. This is why Commend systems monitor their own functionality:

  • Line Monitoring checks the connections between the Intercom stations and the Server.
  • The Intercom stations run continuous tests on the signal path between their loudspeaker and microphone. More
  • Self-testing buttons for critical functions perform regular button activation simulation tests (special buttons are required).
  • To protect Intercom stations against vandalism, sabotage detection switches will trigger an alarm at the Control Desk if the device is tampered with.
  • Server monitoring and redundancy ensure the required high availability.

Promises you can rely on

  • Full 24/7 availability.
  • Control Desk staff are immediately notified in the event of a problem (e. g., extreme vandalism) to enable instant troubleshooting.
  • Very low system inspection requirements – no need for manual testing (saving time and costs).
Station- and server-side function monitoring and redundancy

Software Intercom Server VirtuoSIS

Entire virtual environments can be backed up and migrated reliably without interruptions. As a result, scheduled downtimes are a thing of the past. After an unscheduled downtime, connections and functions are restored within a very short time.

Ultimate availability ‒ ultimate security (Mirroring*)

*Mirroring: VMWare Enterprise Edition provides a Fault Tolerance (FT) function to ensure continued availability for all applications in case of a server failure.

Server redundancy for hardware-based Intercom Servers

  • Intercom stations can connect to up to three servers simultaneously.
  • Calls are transmitted via the active server.
  • Fallback servers within the network allow for reliable redundancy arrangements. In the event of a server or router failure, call connection will be re-routed automatically via the available servers.
  • Multiple power supply units ensure a redundant supply of operating power. This way, the Server will continue to operate uninterrupted even if a power supply unit fails.

Server redundancy for SIP capable systems

  • Intercom stations can connect to up to three servers simultaneously.
  • Calls are transmitted via the active server.
  • In case none of the servers can be reached, the system can try to establish a serverless connection as a last resort ‒ e.g., by setting off a call to all Intercom stations on the network. Of course, this is also supported by serverless systems.

High Availabilty

Every single call gets through, no matter what.