Innovation ahead!

Innovation ahead!

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Following a great start into the spring season, this year’s product innovations have already begun to sprout up all over our product portfolio.

Among them are new powerful Intercom hardware and, most importantly, a new range of extra-efficient control and visualisation software.

Here is a brief preview of the Commend product highlights to expect (details will be posted at market launch):

VirtuoSIS and SIP: a strong partnership

Six months after its market launch, the VirtuoSIS®  software-based Intercom server is raised to the next level by adding full support of SIP technology. Bringing together the best of both worlds, this proven combination integrates both modern IP telephony systems and SIP terminals directly with the Intercom system. Best of all, it does so at the high level of fail safety found in modern virtual server environments.

Commend SIP Stations Version 3.2 with improved audio qualities

The audio core of our generation 3.2 SIP stations has been fully re-developed. This has allowed us to introduce some new smart features, including an improved echo canceller with sound suppression up to 7 kHz, and enhanced audio capabilities that deliver impressive sound clarity even in extremely challenging situations. It’s all made possible by the perfect interplay of the terminals’ SIP and Intercom genes.

Intercomfort with a new Touch

The new Touch Intercom stations use the unique convenience of touch screen technology put the full spectrum of Commend Intercom and control functions right at the user’s fingertips. This year will see the release of the compact 7-inch version that fits into any space or architectural design.

For the first time, the latest version of the Commend Intercom Client will also be available for iOS, providing users with a clear overview and full control of all Intercom functions.

Intercom stations for EX zones receive EXtra keypad capabilities

When things get hot and explosive, they always stay cool: the Commend EX stations for explosion-prone environments. What’s particularly cool is the latest version, which comes with a full keypad for greater flexibility and proven ease of use. Its market launch is scheduled for April.

Performance boost for Series WS

“Making a good thing even better” is also the motto behind the improvement of the “product champions” of the WS series of wall-mountable stations. Equipped with new useful functions and capabilities, they will see their market debut mid-year.

Record-breakingly fast and flexible: ComWIN 3.0 visualisation software

Queueing and forwarding calls, keeping an eye on CCTV images, responding instantly to requests, opening gates and getting in touch across networks – wherever communication is required, perfect management is a must.

The new ComWIN Web Client 3.0 enables any Intercom terminal to be transformed into an easy-to-use communication and control centre. What is more, visualisation makes responding to calls quick, secure and easy.

With these goals in view, it’s once again “Full innovation ahead!” for Commend.