Commend CONDUCTOR with a Professional Touch (Screen)

Commend CONDUCTOR with a Professional Touch (Screen)

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April 22nd is an important date for current and prospective users of Commend CONDUCTOR Control Desk solutions: that day marks the world premiere of the brand new Touch Screen Module, which is designed to work with Commend’s ComWIN and Intercom Client software to make conducting even large Intercom ‘orchestras’ a simple finger exercise.

Eagerly anticipated by users, the new add-on module combines phantastic visualisation and control options, with simple touch screen interaction in known tablet PC style.

Some highlights from the Touch Screen’s repertoire:

  • Previously unheard-of levels of functionality and richness of detail for convenient visualisation of floor plans, devices, security and emergency protocols, etc.

  • Fast, accurate ‘point-and-tap’ interaction with instant access to Intercom stations, call functions, automated announcements, Mobile Radio conferences, control of doors and barriers, etc.

  • Built-in video surveillance for monitoring and zooming images provided by connected cameras – an essential feature when it comes to ensuring security and personal safety

  • Seamless interplay with third-party software (e.g., Building Management Systems, reporting and documentation tools, recording and evidence keeping applications, etc.)

By the way, those who prefer the ‘classic’ keyboard and mouse interaction to screen tapping, will have the option to do so as well.

Flexibly equipped like this, the new Touch Screen module offers all the essentials for any application environment, from the hotel concierge to the road tunnel control room.

Meanwhile, the Touch Screen Module is already proving its worth in a first installation that takes its security qualities to task in a big way: at a recently installed full-scale solution for a police station. Here, voice, video and control connections converge at a CONDUCTOR Control Desk, where the new ComWin powered Touch Screen Module provides vivid representations from all perspectives for an instant overview of and lightning-fast access to all areas, Intercom terminals and security facilities.