Commend commended by U.S security specialist

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Commend security and communication seems to be hitting the right spot with security professionals in the U. S. as well as Europe. For example, commenting on the latest Commend Newsletter, noted California security specialist and Board Certified Physical Security Professional Ray Bernard wrote to Thomas Reilly, the President of Commend USA, to say:


„Today I received a Commend USA newsletter, which I forwarded along with a link to your website, to an industry colleague (the chairman of a successful security systems company). Both are great examples of using scenarios to present the value of products and services. Commonly manufacturers tout product features, less commonly they proclaim the benefits, but rarely does a company present actual customer scenarios in which the end result of using the product is made clear.

Product feature lists put the burden on the customers to figure out exactly how a product would be useful. Customers just don’t have time for that—and neither do their consultants!


Rarely do I ever send a client to a manufacturer’s website. Most of the verbiage doesn’t really make it clear what customer scenarios the technology applies to, and why any particular product would provide better results than typically found.
I was impressed by how easy the website is to use, and how simply the information is presented, and how relevant the product stories are. I think that the website design is so outstanding, that it would probably qualify for an award of some kind.“


Speaking of his experiences with Commend customers he wrote:


„Over the past 10 years I have met many Commend customers and their installing service providers. According to everything that I have heard and seen, Commend is one of the few companies that has a consistent commitment to quality and results in every aspect of its business, whose product descriptions are 100% accurate, and whose value assertions are rock-solid with no puffery. I know that kind of performance doesn’t happen by accident. It is so rare that I just had to write and ‘commend’ you (pun intended)!“

Ray Bernard, PSP, CHS-III
Board Certified Physical Security Professional
Certified in Homeland Security


At Commend we feel honored and reassured that as a provider of security-enabling technology, we are on the right track.