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Public Transport

Railways, Buses and Cable Cars

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The millions of people who travel by train, bus, tram or cable car every day expect to be safe throughout their journey. In case something out of the ordinary does occur, they expect to be able to speak to someone in control and get instant help – even if they happen to be in a moving vehicle at the time. The Commend solution makes this easy to achieve.

Applications and key benefits

Intercom stations and loudspeakers for Public Address purposes and announcements on bus and tram stops, train and underground platforms, and bus depots

Intercom stations that integrate into terminals and devices (e. g., ticket vending machines, access gates, turnstiles, etc.), as well as software-based Intercom stations for existing multimedia info terminals offer passengers instant assistance at the touch of a button.

  • Multi-functional Commend Control Desks make responding to emergency situations quick and easy.
  • Automatic warning and reassurance messages can be triggered at the touch of a button to deescalate critical situations.
  • Coordinating help and rescue services via radio communication, directing staff via Intercom or mobilising special forces via telephone – all via the same central Control Desk

At public transport stations, natural communication and clear intelligibility are essential, despite loud train or traffic noise in the background. Information arrives loud and clear without the need to check back, so mishearing the person at the other end can be eliminated. This way, not a single word or precious second is lost in emergency situations.

  • Solutions for Public Transport
  • Superior speech intelligibility

    High volume – Background noise suppression – Intelligent Volume Control (IVC) – OpenDuplex® and 16 kHz eHD Voice Audio Bandwidth

  • Information and Emergency Call Stations for Public Transport

    Information and Emergency Call Stations for Public Transport
    • Dedicated audio/video Intercom stations for railway, bus and tram stations, either as a wall-mounted device or integrated into metal columns.
    • Resistant against vandalism and rough ambient conditions (water, dirt, dust)
    • Special DDA/ADA compliant Intercom stations for people with visual or hearing impairments
  • Intercom Modules for customized solutions

    Intercom Modules for customized solutions
    • special solutions for e.g. emergency call pillars, ticketing machines or barriers at entrances and exits can be created, which optimally satisfy function and optical appearance of the customer specifications (e.g. London Underground Help Point with Commend Modul).
  • Counter Intercom

    Counter Intercom

    The most modern communication systems are required wherever glass or walls form barriers between staff and the general public. Despite the existence of such barriers, natural and personal speech comprehension should be possible. Commend counter intercom systems satisfy these requirements completely.

  • Public Address via IP connections

    Public Address via IP connections

    Public Address and informational announcements for passengers

    • IP Amplifiers and IP Loudspeakers (projector, horn loudspeaker, ceiling speakers), ready for plug-in network connection
    • Voice announcements for public transport boarding points and waiting areas
    • Playback of pre-recorded voice messages for information, warning and evacuation purposes (addressable to individual boarding points or across all connected sites)
    • Activation of media players for background music or radio feeds
    • IVC (Intelligent Volume Control) automatically adjusts the volume level to ambient acoustic conditions, making sure that information always arrives loud and clear
  • Permanent availability through system self-monitoring

    Permanent availability through system self-monitoring

    Every call guaranteed to get through – 24/7
    • Intercom Stations come equipped with automated functionality self-monitoring (loudspeaker/microphone self-monitoring)
    • Connection monitoring
    • Redundant server fail-safety and dynamic call forwarding
    • Saves costs by eliminating the need for manual function testing
  • Ethernet (IoIP, SIP), 2-Wire, 4-Wire

  • Integrated System

    Integrated System

    Interfaces / Input – Output control
    • Interfaces to third-party systems, such as video surveillance or fleet management
    • Integration of radio technology for communication with employees or fire-fighting forces
    • Announcements triggered by input signals – e. g., fire alarm
    • Output signal control – e. g., for staff access control
  • Works Communication, Mobile Clients and Integrated Radio Communication

    Works Communication, Mobile Clients and Integrated Radio Communication
    • Operations communication for on-duty staff Integration with TETRA and selective-call radio networks
    • Intercom Client for Smartphones und Tablets
    • Integration with TETRA and selective-call radio networks
  • Networking

    Public Transport Lines and stations can easily be networked and served via a central Control Desk.

  • Central Control Desk Management

    Overview – Surveillance – Control
    Central Control Desk Management

    Control Desk systems by Commend provide a continuous system-wide overview to support instant reaction in case of an emergency. Thanks to the highly user-friendly GUI, managing even complex Intercom networks or video and control functions is a breeze.

    • Call management is tailored to the needs and workflows of the application environment
    • Calls can be forwarded automatically to other Control Desks, Intercom stations (stationary or mobile), or to land-line telephones
    • Automatic call distribution at peak times, including automatic call prioritisation
  • Software solutions for Public Transport Control Desks

    Audio – Video – Data
    Software solutions for Public Transport Control Desks
    • Indication of the calling terminal’s location, and optional automatic display of a video/CCTV connection
    • Event logging
    • Audio and/or video recording
  • Options

    • Induction Loop Amplifier for hearing-impaired
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