The ultimate Intercom Appliance

Connected with the future: Commend’s Brand-New Intercom Server

Designed as a powerful all-in-one Intercom appliance, the new S6 Server Series now brings to regular server rooms what used to be limited to specialised IT environments: the full spectrum of powerful VirtuoSIS technology, and more – in the form of a compact all-in-one hardware and software package.

Seriously scalable

Occupying only a fraction of the rack space required by previous server generations, a single S6 server can host up to 224 Intercom subscriber units – the exact number and features for your system are up to you, thanks to easily extensible software licenses. Need more Intercom stations, new functions or the latest software? Forget costly system extensions – a few mouse clicks is all you need to upgrade your S6 to your liking. This way, you’ll have your newly enhanced system up and running in no time.

Software with all the right connections

Would you like to upgrade to a software-based Intercom server but don’t have the proper infrastructures? No problem. The S6 comes fully equipped and is driven by powerful software that brings together all the benefits of Commend VirtuoSIS technology: high-level fail safety, crystal clear voice and video communication, easy maintenance/upgrading, and low costs. 

Life-Enhancing “Evergreen” Technology

Although the S6 is Commend’s most innovative server product to date, it still conforms to our hallmark “Evergreen” policy to provide full compatibility with previous system generations. This is a big plus when it comes to step-by-step upgrading of existing systems, as it allows the S6 to form a powerful, yet flexible link between previous-generation devices and future communication and security technologies

Key features

  • Ultimate availability and security
  • The communication solution integrates smoothly with existing IT infrastructures
  • Physical separation of IT and communication server (unlike virtual Intercom solution)
  • Compact all-in-one package including Fujitsu hardware and VirtuoSIS Intercom Server software
  • Provides full range of VirtuoSIS functions Flexible licensing scheme for VirtuoSIS Intercom Server software
  • Optimised for rack installation (1 HU)
  • Copy protection without key subscriber or dongle based on TPM 1.2
  • Extremely low operating costs thanks to high energy efficiency