VirtuoSIS Software Intercom Server

Intercom Server as an app

The world’s first 100% software-based Intercom Server VirtuoSIS by Commend is designed specifically to integrate seamlessly into the flexible, dynamic world of virtual IT environments.

  • Software Intercom Server based on ­Linux (­Debian) 
  • for virtualized IT platforms
  • Ready for use on virtualization platforms ­
  • vSphere by VMWare, XenServer by Citrix and Hyper-V by Microsoft
  • Ultimate availability – Ultimate security
  • Flexible licensing options – expandable at a mouse click – no dongle required 
  • Intercom systems for up to 25,000 subscribers (VirtuoSIS Professional)
  • Supports IP, digital, analogue and SIP Intercom stations
  • Supports Commend SIP terminals and 3rd-party SIP phones
  • VoIP connectivity via SIP trunk to IP-PBX servers and service providers
  • VoIP connectivity to PSTN via SIP gateways
  • IPv6 ready
  • Supports all Intercom functions and feature levels
  • Networkable via LAN/WAN – also with hardware Intercom Servers GE 800, GE 300 and IS 300
  • IP interfaces: ICX over IP, RTP, IoIP®    
  • Convenient configuration via PC software CCT

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