Logging and Reporting

Logs, Reports and Audio/Video-Recording

Improving performance and service quality

Some situations require logging of all system events for subsequent analysis. This is a key requirement, for example, at call centres or in high-security areas. Whether you wish to track your operators’ performance or need to record the audio track of conversation for evidence purposes, Commend provides optimum support with reporting and audio recording options up to lip-synchronous video capturing.

Perfect documentation support with Commend reporting and audio/video recording solutions

  • Helps you plan your staff resources and save costs while maintaining the same high level of service quality.
  • Allows you to identify possible problems and improvement potential so you can take proactive measures early on.
  • Supports you in improving the service quality and efficiency of your entire team or individual employees.
  • Lets you monitor and analyse customer calls as a basis for improvement measures.
  • Provides statistical analyses that can be used for evidence keeping and/or management reports.
  • Supplies usage and performance details as a basis for trainings and individual appraisal interviews.
  • Gives you the tools to reconstruct emergencies or other incidents and to provide required evidence.
  • Lets you generate recordings that are suitable for processing with security technology and can serve as evidence in legal proceedings.
Intercom Control Desks
Reports and Logging of Intercom Systems

System logs, statistics and reports with ComREPORT

ComREPORT logs all system events and stores the details in a database. Whether at their desk or on the go (using WebClient), users can easily monitor, filter and analyse system events and transaction data on their Intercom system in real time. Statistical analyses, such as the number of calls, their time-specific distribution, or operator performance figures can be exported into PDF files for immediate or automatic pre-scheduled e-mailing.

Key benefits

  • Statistical analysis of Intercom system, emergency call system or call system data
  • Number of calls: shows the frequency distribution over time (day/week/month/year)
  • Call waiting time: indicates the time taken to answer a customer call
  • Operator performance: registers the log-in times, calculated average call duration, number of calls processed, and details of individual calls
  • Report Designer for custom designed reports 

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Report for Operator Performance
Livelog Screen
Audio and Video Recording

Recording of Intercom Calls

  • Audio recording with ComREC

    ComREC – Audio Recording

    Audio recording with ComREC

    ComREC is a software-based recording solution capable of handling up to 100 recordings simultaneously and storing up to 10 million recordings in a database for further processing. Supported formats include analogue, digital and radio conference calls, including metadata such as time stamps and other call details. Running under Windows®, the ComREC software is based on the RTP standard protocol.

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    Recording of Intercom Calls
  • Audio Recording with GE 800 IP Intercom Server

    Audio recording with GE 800 IP Intercom Server and G8-VOIPREC2 card

    The powerful audio recording card supports simultaneous recording of up to eight channels on the GE 800 Intercom Server without the need for extra hardware. The recordings are stored on a Compact Flash card. If required, they can be automated and saved to an external device (NAS, server, FTP or network drive) without any recording limitations.

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    Audio Recording with G8-VoIPREC
  • Lip-synchronous Audio/Video Recording

    Lip-synchronous audio/video recordings with VDG Sense

    Commend, in cooperation with VDG Security, has developed a manufacturer independent solution for lip synchronous audio/video recording. Especially in documentation and evidence keeping, lip synchronous audio/video recording is an essential requirement. This is because it allows for reconstructing recorded events precisely as they happened.

    VDG Security Website

    Lip synchronous Audio and Video Recording
Commend Interfaces

Audio, Data and Video Interfaces

Various interfaces are provided to relay audio, data and video to third-party systems. This way, our camera equipped Intercom stations can be integrated into video management software such as those by Milestone, VDG or Pelco, and calls can be displayed on the Lenel OnGuard security system. Commend systems are based on an architecture that allows for developing custom interfaces and integrating Commend solutions into third-party systems.